Eddie Palmieri - Sugar Daddy

Released 2007 (European Union)
Released 2008 (USA)

Compilation 1962-1967

Fania / E-Musica

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1. Ritmo Caliente 2:43
(Eddie Palmieri) La Perfecta
2. Mi Mambo Conga 2:47
(Palmieri) Mozambique
3. Bailare Tu Son 2:35
(Miguel Matamoros) La Perfecta
4. Azucar 9:28
(Palmieri) Azucar Pa' Ti
5. Tirandote Flores 4:18
(Palmieri/Quintana) Molasses
6. Que Suene La Orquestra 5:43
(Palmieri) Mozambique
7. Tema Del Apollo 2:30
(Palmieri) Azucar Pa' Ti
8. No Critiques 2:48
(Pedrito Hernandez) La Perfecta II: El Molestoso
9. Melao Para El Sapo 5:05
(Palmieri) Molasses
10. Café 6:33
(Palmieri/Gates/Lopez) Echando Pa'lante
11. Te Quiero, Te Quiero 2:54
(Palmieri) La Perfecta
12. Muneca 4:01
(Palmieri) Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso
13. Conmigo 2:44
(Palmieri) La Perfecta
14. Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso 3:57
(Palmieri) Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso
15. Estamos Chao 3:48
(Javier Vazquez) Mozambique
16. Bomboncito De Pozo 5:43
(Palmieri) Molasses
17. Manha De Carnaval 2:56
(Bonfa/Maria) Mozambique
18. En Cadenas 2:47
(Iglesias) La Perfecta II: El Molestoso
19. Campesino 4:04
(El Pregon De La Montana) Molasses

This CD is compilation of seven Eddie Palmieri albums from 1962 to 1967 recorded with his first band La Perfecta (La Perfecta (1962), La Perfecta II: El Molestoso (1963), Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso (1964), Echando Palante (1964), Azucar Pa Ti (1965), Mambo con Conga es Mozambique (1965), Molasses (1967)). All the songs are uncut and decently re-mastered as far as I can tell. Songs on salsanewyork.com honor list include Muneca, Conmigo, Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso (for Salsa), Tema De Apollo, Cafe (for Cha Cha). No Critiques is an interesting find - the version done by Libre (led by Manny Oquendo, who also played with La Perfecta for this recording) in the 70s is the best known version for dancers. Other songs like Ritmo Caliente, Azucar, Tirandote Flores in addition to songs mentioned above were recorded (many times) again by Palmieri - the versions here represent the oldest recordings. Generally I try to stay away from compilation CDs for artists I think I would be interested in having a more thorough knowledge, but this is a pretty good one to have because it offers an unusually extensive coverage (around a third of the material available) of a short and important segment of Palmieri's long and extensive career.

Musicians include

Eddie Palmieri / piano
Barry Rogers / trombone
Ismael Quintana / vocals
Manny Oquendo / timbales & bongos

Tommy Lopez / conga
George Castro / flute
David Perez / bass
Jose Rodriguez / trombone


Cal Tjader - Black Orchid

This CD combines two Fantasy LPs "Cal Tjader Goes Latin" and "Cal Tjader Quintet" from 1950s.


Available at many places including Amazon (clips) and Descarga (review).

1. Mi China 2:15 (Mongo Santamaria)
2. Close Your Eyes 3:11 (Bernice Petkere)
3. Mambo At The "M" 4:39 (Luis Kant)
4. Contigo 2:40 (Pedro Flores)
5. Bonita 2:28 (Lonnie Hewitt)
6. Lady Is A Tramp 4:32 (Rodgers-Hart)
7. Black Orchid 3:32 (Cal Tjader)
8. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 3:44 (Arlen-Harburg)
9. I've Waited So Long 2:07 (Jerry Lordan)
10. Out Of Nowhere 3:26 (Heyman-Green)
11. Guajira At The Blackhawk 5:20 (Santamaria)
12. I Want To Be Happy 3:15 (Caesar-Youmans)
13. Nearness Of You 3:65 (Carmichael-Washington)
14. Pete Kelly's Blues 3:48 (Cahn-Heindorf)
15. Minor Goof 3:53 (Milton Moore)
16. Undecided 3:23 (Shavers-Robin)
17. Philadelphia Mambo 3:20 (Tito Puente)
18. Flamingo 4:12 (Grouya-Anderson)
19. Stompin' At The Savoy 4:00 (Sampson-Webb-Goodman)
20. Laura 3:21 (Raksin-Mercer)
21. Lullaby Of Birdland 4:00 (Shearing-Forster)

Another consistently nice-sounding latin jazz album. Probably the most obvious Salsa dance track is Philadelphia Mambo, which in my opinion might be better than the version recommended by salsanewyork.com (Philly Mambo - Cal Tjader ... from 1970s). Another possibility is Stompin' At The Savoy.

CD includes liner notes from both original LPs as well as more detail on musician lineup.

Musicians tracks 1-11 (originally released as Cal Tjader Goes Latin (Fantasy 8030), recorded in four sessions 1957, 1958 and 1959)

Paul Horn / flute
Lonnie Hewitt / piano
Al McKibbon / bass
Mongo Santamaria / conga
Willie Bobo / timbales, drums
Jose "Chombo" Silva / tenor saxophone
Vince Guarardi / piano
Eugene Wright / bass
Luis Kant / conga
Bayardo Velarde / timbales
Cal Tjader / vibraphone (piano on track 7?)

Musicians tracks 12-21 (originally released as Cal Tjader Quintet (Fantasy 8085), recorded 1956)

Manuel Duran / piano
Carlos Duran / bass
Luis Miranda / conga
Bayardo Velarde / timbales
Cal Tjader / vibraphone

Cal Tjader - Los Ritmos Calientes

This CD combines two Fantasy LPs "Ritmo Caliente" and "Mas Ritmo Caliente" from 1950s.

ASIN B000000XF8

Available at many places including Amazon (clips) and Descarga (other reviews).

1. Cubano Chant 6:17 (Ray Bryant)
2. Goza 1:53 (Eddie Cano)
3. Panchero Mambero 2:22 (Rivera-Cano)
4. Alegres Timbales 1:09 (Tempest Storm)
5. Mambo Moderno 3:25 (Richard Wyands)
6. Afro Corolombo 1:25 (Cal Tjader)
7. Ritmo Caliente 2:05 (Cano)
8. Lamento De Hodi 3:00 (Jerome Richardson)
9. Mambo Inn 2:46 (Sampson-Woodlen-Bauza)
10. Buhulto 1:35 (Al McKibbon)
11. Alegres Congas 1:00 (W. Frumkin)
12. Mueve La Cintura 2:30 (Tjader)
13. Bernie's Tune 2:35 (Miller-Stoller-Leiber)
14. Perdido 7:01 (Tizol-Lengsfelder-Drake)
15. Armando's Hideaway 2:32 (Armando Peraza)
16. Cuco On Timbales 1:40 (Tjader)
17. Tumbao 3:10 (Tjader)
18. Ritmo Rumba 0:53 (Peraza)
19. Big Noise From Winnetka 4:15 (Bauduc-Crosby-Rodin-Haggart)
20. Poinciana Cha Cha 3:38 (Simon-Bernier)
21. Mongorama 6:20 (Mongo Santamaria)
22. Ritmo Africano 1:37 (Peraza)
23. Perfidia Cha Cha 8:12 (Alberto Dominguez)

It's a very pleasant record to listen to in my opinion, but there probably isn't very much for Salsa dancing - better for Cha Cha, however. Two possible Salsa tracks as could be guessed from the song titles are Mambo Moderno (melody is driven by flute with other instruments being piano, bass, conga and Tjader on timbales), which probably will come across as artsy or mellow to many, and Mambo Inn (played by a quartet of piano, bass, conga and Tjader on vibraphone supplying the melody). Poinciana Cha Cha (played by a sextet of piano, bass, conga, bongos, timbales and vibraphone) in my opinion has nicer and clearer beat compared to the version recommended by salsanewyork.com (Poinciana - Cal Tjader from a Verve 1963 recording and incorrectly described done by Cal Tjader and Eddie Palmieri by salsanewyork.com). Perfidia Cha Cha is also perfectly danceable as Cha Cha albeit rather long.

Mongo Santamaria and Willie Bobo appear only on tracks 14, 21 and 23. These three tracks also feature a larger set of musicians - nine musicians in full lineup of percussion as well as saxophones and flute - compared to the rest of the songs played by quartet, quintet or sextet of musicians. Liner notes provided with the CD has additional information.

Musicians tracks 1-13 (originally released as Ritmo Caliente (Fantasy 3216), recorded in 3 sessions 1954-1955)

Jerome Richardson / flute
Richard Wyands / piano, maracas
Al McKibbon / bass, conga
Armando Peraza / conga, bongos
Eddie Cano / piano
Manuel Duran / piano
Cal Tjader / vibraphone, timbales

Musicians tracks 14-23 (originally released as Mas Ritmo Caliente (Fantasy 3262), recorded in 3 sessions 1957)

Vince Guaraldi / piano
Al McKibbon / bass
Luis Kant / conga, gourd, cowbell
Armando Pereza / conga, bongos
Armando "Cuco" Sanchez / timbales
Jose "Chombo" Silva / tenor saxophone
Gerald Sanfino / flute, alto saxophone
Bobby Rodriguez / bass
Ramon "Mongo" Santamaria / conga
Willie Bobo / timbales
Eugene Wright / piano
Al Torres / drum
Bayarde Velarde / timbales, bongos
Cal Tjader / vibraphone, timbales

About this blog

I have been collecting latin music CDs primarily to help with my Salsa dancing. I thought it might be useful to some people if I give some information regarding what I have and what I think of them. It's a work in progress - I haven't really decided how much detail I will get around to writing.

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

My Latin Music Collection

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Adalberto Alvarez

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Adalberto Santiago

Tremendo Trio 1983 (with Celia Cruz and Ray Barretto)


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25th Aniversario Del Rey Del Bajo 1991


Con Distincion 1995


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From Havana to New York (1957 in Cuba & 1961 in New York)
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Blended 2004

Cal Tjader

Los Ritmos Calientes (Ritmo Caliente 1955 & Mas Ritmo Caliente 1957)
Latin Concert 1958
Black Orchid (Cal Tjader Goes Latin 1959 & Cal Tjader Quintet 1956)
Latino! (Demasiado Caliente 1960 and Latino! 1950s)
Soul Sauce 1964
El Sonido Nuevo 1966 (with Eddie Palmieri)
Bamboleate 1967 (with Eddie Palmieri)
Descarga (Agua Dulce 1971 & Live At Funky Quarters 1972)
Primo 1973
Fried Bananas 1960s compilation (Skye recordings)
Latin Vibe 1970s-1980s compilation (Concorde Picante recordings)

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Latin Music's First Lady 1940s-1950s compilation with Sonora Matancera
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Tremendo Trio 1983 (with Ray Barretto and Adalberto Santiago)
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Charanga De La 4 1979

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Eddie Palmieri

La Perfecta 1962
Echando Pa'lante 1964
Azucar Pa' Ti 1965
Mambo Con Conga Is Mozambique 1965
El Sonido Nuevo 1966 (with Cal Tjader)
Bamboleate 1967 (with Cal Tjader)
Champagne 1968
Justicia 1969
Superimposition 1971
Vamonos Pal Monte 1971
El Rumbero Del Piano 1998
Obra Maestra 2000 (with Tito Puente)
La Perfecta II 2002
Ritmo Caliente 2003
Sugar Daddy 1962-1967 compilation
Gold 1973-1976 compilation
Best of Eddie Palmieri (Charly compilation with questionable sound quality)

Eddie Torres and His Mambo Kings Orchestra

Dance City 1994


Aquel Cantor 1995
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Edwin Y Su Son 1999
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Descarga Del Milenio 1997
Descarga Bravo 2000! 2000

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Salsa Caliente Du Nu York! (Nascente compilation)

Francisco Aguabella

Dance The Latin Way 1962 (Ay Que Rico!)
H2O 1986
Cubacan 2002

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Beethoven’s V 1975 (with Mark Dimond)

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Exitos Eternos 1980s-1990s compilation
Gold 1980s-1990s compilation

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La Verdadera Historia De (compilation)


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Los Gatos

Cats Got Your Tongue 2001

German Villarreal & Mambo Big Band

Con Permiso De Mis Mayores 2007

Gilberto Santa Rosa

Punto De Vista 1990
Dos Tiempos De Un Tiempo 1992
Esencia 1996

Gloria Estefan

Mi Tierra 1993

El Gran Combo

Para Todos Los Gustos 1995
Nuevo Milenio 2001
Aqui Estamos y… De Verdad 2004
30 Aniversario 1992 compilation?
35th Anniversary 1997 compilation?

Grupo Caribe

Somos Caribenos 2007

Grupo Gale

Afirmando 1995

Grupo Latin Vibe

Mambo City 2003
All That Vibe 2005

Grupo Niche

Cielo De Tambores 1990
Un Alto En El Camino 1993
Huellas Del Pasado 1995
20 Exitos Originales 1990 to 2001 compilation

Har-You Percussion Group

Har-You Percussion Group 1969

Hector Lavoe

La Voz 1975
De Ti Depende 1976
Comedia 1978
El Sabio 1980

Hector Tricoche

The Greatest Salsa Ever 1980s-1990s compilation

Henry Fiol

Fe, Esperanza Y Caridad 1980
El Secreto 1981
La Ley De La Jungla 1983

Isidro Infante

Dancemania 2006

Ismael Miranda

Asi Se Compone Un Son 1973
Cantar O No Cantar (with Junior Gonzalez) 1995

Ismael Rivera

De Todas Maneras Rosas 1977
Esto Si Es Lo Mio 1978

Javier Vazquez

Salsa Y Montuno 1970s compilation
Exitos De La Sonora 1982 (misprinted as Sonora Matancera - En Grande)
Linda Leida Y La Bahia con Javier Vazquez 1984

Jimmy Bosch

Soneando Trombon 1998
Salsa Dura 1999
El Avion De La Salsa 2004

Jimmy Sabater

El Hijo De Teresa 1970
Jimmy Sabater Con Son Boricua "Mo" 2002

Joe Arroyo

Echao Pa' Lante compilation

Joe Cuba

Diggin’ the Most 1964?
Bang! Bang! Push, Push, Push 1966
Cocinando La Salsa 1976
Best of Joe Cuba Sextet (Charly compilation with very poor sound - missing instruments, etc)

Johnny Colon

Boogaloo Blues 1960s-1970s compilation

Johnny Pacheco

Mi Musica Es Para Ti 1960
Tres De Cafe Y Dos De Azucar 1973 (with Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez)
Tremendo Cache 1975 (with Celia Cruz)
A Man And His Music: El Maestro 2CD Fania compilation

Jose Alberto "El Canario"

Back To The Mambo: Tribute To Machito 1997
Herido 1999
Serie 32 1990s compilation

Jose Curbelo

Live At The China Doll 1946-1954 compilation

Jose Mangual Jr.

Tribute to Chano Pozo 1977

Juan Luis Guerra

Grandes Exitos De Juan Luis Guerra 4.40 (compilation)

Junior Gonzalez

Cantar O No Cantar (w/ Ismael Miranda) 1995

Kako Y Totico

Siguen Pa'Lante Y Pa'Lante 1970s (1972?)
Kako, Totico Y El Trabuco - La Maquina Y El Motor 1970s (early?)

La Excelencia

Salsa Con Consciencia 2006

La 33

La 33 2004

La Charanga New York

La Charanga New York: Canta Yesid Perez 2005

Laba Sosseh

Laba Sosseh 1982

Larry Harlow (Orchestra Harlow)

Salsa 1974
Live In Quad 1974
Best of Orchestra Harlow 1970s-80s? compilation

Latin Giants Of Jazz

Trip To Mamboland 2007

Lebron Brothers

Psychedelic Goes Latin 1967 and Brooklyn Bums 1969 (Nascente)
Salsa Y Control 1970
Criollo 1982
Super Hits Vol. 2 1960s-1980s? compilation

Lenny Kravitz

Thinking of You 1999 single (3 songs)

Linda Leida

Con Sabor A Montuno! 1979 probably
Linda Leida Y La Bahia con Javier Vazquez 1984

Los Nemus Del Pacifico

La Historia Musical Del Los Nemus Del Pacifico 2 CD compilation

Louie Ramirez

King Of Latin Vibes 1991
Louie's Grooves 1961-1976 compilation

Louie Ramirez & Ray De La Paz

Exitos 1983-1986 compilation

Luisito Rosario

Rumba Del Barrio 2005


Ritmo Caliente 1941 to 1949 compilation
Relax and Mambo 1942 to 1954 compilation
Yo Soy La Rumba (Mucho Mucho Machito 1965 plus 2 tracks)(featuring Graciela & Marcelino Guerra)
Machito And His Salsa Big Band 1982
Live At North Sea '82 1982
Machito!!! 1983


Por Fin... Mana! Comenzo La Fiesta 2007

Mandingo Y Su Son

Salsa Fever - compilation (an earlier version of this compilation was released 1994 titled Lo Mejor De La Salsa Venezolana)

Manny Oquendo

Con Salsa, Con Ritmo 1976
Mejor Que Nunca 1994
Los Nu Yorkinos 2000

Marc Anthony

Todo A Su Tiempo 1995
Valio La Pena 2004
El Cantante 2007

Mark "Markolino" Dimond

Brujeria 1971 (also released as Mas Sabor by Angel Canales)
Beethoven’s V 1975 (with Frankie Dante)

Marvin Santiago

Exitos Eternos 1994-2004 compilation

Miles Pena

Torbellino De Amor 1996

Mon Rivera

Que Gente Averigua 1962

Monchy & Alexandra

Exitos (compilation)

Mongo Santamaria

Mambo Mongo 1993
Best of Fania Years (presumably 1970s Vaya recordings)


Lo Mejor De Monguito compilation

New Swing Sextet

Back On The Streets 2008
Monkey See Monkey Do 1960s compilation


I Love Salsa (Special Edition) 2005

Ocho Y Mas

Juega Bailar 2006

Orquesta Aragon

The Heart Of Havana Vol 2 1957-1958

Orquesta Broadway

La Charanga Que Manda... A La Cabeza En Los 40 1990-1997 compilation

Orquesta De La Luz

Lo Esencial (compilation)

Orquesta Guayacan

Xtremo 2005
V.I.P. Edition compilation

Orquesta Narvaez

Reincarnation 1975

Oscar D’Leon

Infinito 2003
Collecion De Oro (compilation released 2003)
Esenciales vol 1 (compilation)
32 Mas Grandes (compilation)

Papo Lucca

Herencia compilation

Pete Rodriguez

I Like It Like That 1967

Perez Prado

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White 1940s-1950s compilation

Poncho Sanchez

Baila Baila 1980s to 1990s compilation

Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers

Tough (Tough 1966 & Saffron Soul 1967)
Heat/Jungle Fire (Heat 1969 & Jungle Fire 1972)
Rip A Dip 1995
Caliente Con Soul! 1999
How'm I Doin? 2000
The Hideout 2004

Raphy Leavitt

Somos El Son 1986

Ray Barretto

Together 1971
Carnaval 1973 (Pachanga with Barretto 1961 and Latino 1962)
Indestructible 1973
Rican/Strucion 1979
Tremendo Trio 1983 (with Celia Cruz and Adalberto Santiago)
Soy Dichoso 1992
Salsa Caliente De Nu York 1971 to 1982 Fania compilation (Nascente)
Descarga Criolla 1965 to 1967 United Artists compilation
A Man And His Music 1960s to 1980s Fania compilation
Salsa Legende compilation

Regina Carter

Rhythms Of The Heart 1999 (mostly Jazz)

Rey Reyes

12 Super Exitos compilation released 1996

Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca

Tata Masamba 1996

Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz

Ricardo Ray Arrives / Comejen 1964 or 1966
El Bestial Sonido 1971

Roberto Roena

Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound 5 1973
Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound 6 1974
Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound: Lucky 7 1976

Ry Cooder

Buena Vista Social Club 1997

Santiago Ceron

Exitos De Santiago Ceron 1980s compilation - Released 1994


Pies Descalzos 1996
Donde Estan Los Ladrones? 1998
Laundry Service 2001
Fijacion Oral Vol 1 2005
Oral Fixation Vol 2 2006

Son Boricua

Son Boricua 1998
Mo - Jimmy Sabater Con Son Boricua 2001

Sonora Carruseles

Espectacular 1996
Heavy Salsa 1999

Sonora Matancera

En Grande (this actually is Javier Vazquez - Exitos De La Sonora 1982)

Sonora Poncena

Musical Conquest / Conquista Musical 1976
Explorando 1978
Determination 1982
On Target 1998
45 Aniversario 2000
Herencia (under Papo Lucca) compilation


Bailando Con SonSublime 2006

Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Un Gran Dia En El Barrio 2002
Across 110th Street 2004

Tabaco Y Ron

Tumbando Cabeza 2005
Paquete Salsera (compilation of 3 albums all released in 2003?)

Tito Puente

Dance Mania 1957
Dance Mania vol 2 1960
Tito Puente And His Concert Orchestra 1973
Hot Timbales! (Out Of This World/Mambo Of The Times) 1991 and 1992
Live At Birdland 1998
Mambo Birdland 1999
Obra Maestra 2000 (with Eddie Palmieri)
50 Years of Swing 1940s to 1990s multi-label compilation
Oye Como Va 1984 to 1996 Concorde Picante compilation
Doctor Feelgood 1984 to 1996 Concorde Picante compilation
King of Kings 1950s and 1960s RCA compilation
Rough Guide 1950s to 1970s compilation
King of Timbales 1940s to 1950s compilation
Absolute Best - Mambo 1940s to 1950s compilation

Tito Rodriguez

Live At The Palladium 1960
Tito Tito Tito 1964
El Doctor De La Salsa 1969
Un Retrato De Tito Rodriguez - El Hombre, Su Musica, Su Vida 1969-1972 compilation
The Legend's 30th Anniversary compilation WS Latino 1959-1970 compilation

Tito Rodriguez Jr

Curious? 1978

Tommy Olivencia

Plante Bandera 1975
Pura Salsa 1980s compilation

Toque D’Keda

Picante Alador 2005
Version 2.0 Tour promotional CD 2006

Los Van Van

Llego… Van Van 1999
30 Years of Cuba’s Greatest Band 1969-1989, 1990s

Willie Colon

La Gran Fuga 1970
El Juicio 1972
Asalto Navideno - Deluxe Edition (vol 1 1972, vol 2 1973)
Lo Mato 1973
Crime Pays 1968-1970 compilation of his first four albums

Willie Colon & Ruben Blades

Siembra 1978

Willie Rosario

Nuevos Horizontes 1984
Afincando 1985
Viva Rosario 1990
The Roaring Fifties 1991
Back To The Future 1999
Pura Salsa 1970s-1980s compilation?

Misc. Compilations

A Gozar: Latin Grooves On Blue Note 1960s-1970s compilation
Colombia! The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes 1960 to 1976 compilation
Grandes Soneros De Ayer Y Hoy 1970s to 1990s compilation
Greatest Salsa Classics Of Colombia 1970s to 1990s Discos Fuentes compilation
Lost Classics of Salsa Vol 1 1960s to 1970s compilation
New York City Salsa 2 1960s to 1980 Fania compilation
New York Descargas 1960s to 1970s compilation
Panama! Latin, Calypso And Funk On the Isthmus 1965 to 1975 compilation
Que Viva Salsa Dura - Originals and Remixes compilation
RMM 20th Anniversary Volume 9 (Latin Jazz compilation)
Rumba At The Palladium Vol 1
Salsa Fresca 1987 to 1994 compilation
Salsa.IT compilation volume 2 2005 or 2006
Salsa Magic misc. compilation

Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri - Obra Maestra

Recorded 2000

RMM Records

Available at Amazon
(clips available)

1. La Ultima Copa 5:09 (comp. J. Caruso/F. Canaro; arr. E. Palmieri)
2. Muddy's club blues in Weinheim 3:24 (comp. E. Palmieri/E. Palmieri II; arr. E. Palmieri)
3. Cielito lindo, La negra mariachi medley 5:03 (arr. R. Santos)
4. Marchando bien 4:14 (E. Palmieri/F. Aguabella; arr. T. Puente)
5. Picadillo Jam 5:17 (comp. & arr. T. Puente)
6. El Puente mundial 5:50 (comp. & arr. T. Puente; lyrics J. Medina)
7. El beso 6:25 (comp. F. Moraleda/A. Ortega Marti; arr. E. Palmieri)
8. El bochinche 4:19 (comp. E. Palmieri/R.M. Prieto; arr. J. Madera)
9. Ensename tu, Piensalo bien bolero medley 6:45 (arr. R. Santos)
10. Paris Mambo 4:12 (comp. & arr. E. Palmieri)
11. Yambu Pa' Inglaterra 3:56 (comp. & arr. E. Palmieri)
12. Itutu ache 7:59 (comp. & arr. E. Palmieri)

First collaboration between Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri. Final recording made by Tito Puente and released after his death. Two songs (Picadillo Jam - instrumental, Paris Mambo - Oscar D'Leon as the vocalist) made salsanewyork.com honor roll. The album features an all-star line-up including guest vocalists Oscar D'Leon, Michael Stuart, Jerry Medina, Herman Olivera, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Frankie Morales, Milton Cardona.

Tito Puente - Dance Mania Volume 2

Recorded 1960 and 1957


Available at Amazon
(clips available)

1. Gozar Timbero [Son Montuno] (Ovaldo Estivill)
2. Si Te Contara [Bolero-Cha Cha Cha] (Felix Reina)
3. Separala Tambien [Cha-Cha Mambo] (J.R. Sanchez)
4. Caonao [Afro Jazz] (Tito Puente)
5. Una Mujer [Bolero] (Paul Mirraki)
6. Baila Como Es [Mambo] (Tito Puente)
7. Dance Mania [Mambo-Jazz Instrumental] (Tito Puente)
8. Por Que Te Perdi [Bolero] (Benjamin Cole)
9. Guancona [Guaguanco] (Tito Puente)
10. Son Guacha [Son Con Cha Cha] (Tito Puente)
11. Con Sandunga [Guaguanco] (Julito Collazo)
12. Cua Cua [Mambo] (Tito Puente)
13. Mambozooka [Mambo-Jazz Instrumental] (Marty Holmes)
14. Havana After Dark [Mambo-Jazz Instrumental] (Chico O'Farrill)

One song (Cua Cua) made salsanewyork.com honor roll.

Musicians (tracks 1-12):
Leader, Arranger, Timbales & Vibraphone: Tito Puente
Lead Vocals: Santitos Colon
Chorus: Santitos Colon, Felo Brito & Eladio Peguero
Trumpets: Doc Severinsen, Bernie Glow, Pedro Boulong, Jimmy Frisaura & Patrick Russon
Tenor Sax and Flute: Rafael Palau
Alto Sax and Flute: Pete Fannelli
Alto Sax: Allen Fields
Baritone Sax: Scheppe Pullman
Piano: Gilberto Lopez
Bass: Bobby Rodriguez
Congas: Carlos "Patato" Valdez, Ray Barretto, Julito Collazo
Bongos: Jose Mangual Jr.
Timbales: Joe Rodriguez
Guiro: Santitos Colon

notable musicians for tracks 13 & 14 recorded in 1956 include:
Conga: Mongo Santamaria
Bongos: Willie Bobo

Tito Puente - Dance Mania Volume 1

Recorded 1957


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(clips available)

1. El Cayuco [Son Montuno]
2. Complicacion [Guaguanco] (comp. Aguabella)
3. 3-D Mambo [Mambo Jazz Instrumental] (comp. Santos)
4. Llego Mijan [Son Montuno]
5. Cuando Te Vea [Guaguanco]
6. Hong Kong Mambo
7. Mambo Gozon [Mambo]
8. Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe [Cha Cha Cha Bembe]
9. Varsity Drag [Mambo Jazz Instrumental] (comp. De Syla/Brown/Henderson)
10. Estoy Siempre Junto A Ti [Bolero] (comp. Delgado)
11. Agua Limpia Todo [Guaguanco] (comp. Aguabella)
12. Saca Tu Mujer [Guaracha]

All songs composed by Tito Puente except indicated otherwise.

Four Salsa/Mambo (Cuando Te Vea, Hong Kong Mambo, Mambo Gozon, Agua Limpia Todo) and one Cha Cha (El Cayuco) made salsanewyork.com honor roll. It's a classic.

Tito Puente / Leader, Arranger, Timbales, Vibraphone, Marimbas
Bernie Glow / Trumpet
Jimmy Frisaura / Trumpet
Frank Lo Pinto / Trumpet
George Lopez / Trumpet
Gene Rapetti / Trumpet
Larry Moser / Trumpet
Leon Merian / Trumpet
Rafael Palau / Saxophone
Jerry Sanfino / Saxophone
Schepp Pullman / Saxophone
Tony Buonpastore / Saxophone
Raymond Concepcion / Piano
Bobby Rodrigue / Bass
Ray Barretto / Conga
Julito Collazo / Percussion
Ray Rodriguez / Bongos
Vitin Aviles / Chorus
Otto Olivar / Chorus
Santitos Colon / Chorus, Lead Vocals

Tito Puente - Oye Como Va: The Dance Collection

Released 1997

Concord Picante

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1. Mambo King (3:10)
2. Mambo Gallego (5:06)
3. Chang (4:22)
4. Mambo Diablo (4:09)
5. Ode to Cachao (6:33)
6. Maria Cervantes (5:04)
7. Machito Forever (5:59)
8. Picadillo A Lo Puente (3:50)
9. Tito's Colada (3:39)
10. Delirio (5:15)
11. Oye Como Va (5:42)
12. Ran Kan Kan (5:09)
13. El Rey Del Timbal (3:07)

All songs composed and arranged by Tito Puente except Maria Cervantes (comp. Noro Morales) and Delirio (comp. Cesar Portillo de la Luz) and Ode to Cachao (comp. T. Puente; arr. Jose Madera). This is a compilation of songs from eight Concord Picante Records released between 1982 and 1996. Final four tracks are from a live recording. Three Salsa/Mambo (Mambo Diablo, Picadillo A Lo Puente, Ran Kan Kan) and two Cha Cha (Ode to Cachao, Oye Como Va) made salsanewyork.com honor roll.

Concord Picante is the third record label Tito Puente had long relationship with. The first two are Tico (from 1949 to 1955, 1961 to 1981) and RCA Victor (1955-1960). The Concord Picante recordings tend to lean towards Jazz and have outstanding sound quality. I list original Tito Puente albums by Concord Picante in reverse chronological order below. Some of the albums have since been repackaged as double-albums with new titles (e.g. Hot Timbales, Puente Caliente, Party At Puente's Place).

Tito Puente - Concord Picante albums
2002 Live At The Playboy Jazz Festival (1994 recording)
1996 Special Delivery
1994 Master Timbalero
1993 Royal T
1992 Mambo Of The Times [Hot Timbales]
1991 Out of This World [Hot Timbales]
1990 Goza Mi Timbal
1988 Salsa Meets Jazz
1987 Sensacion [Puente Caliente]
1987 Un Poco Loco [Puente Caliente]
1985 Mambo Diablo [Party At Puente's Place]
1984 El Rey
1982 On Broadway [Party At Puente's Place]