Willie Colon - El Juicio

Produced by Willie Colon & Jerry Masucci
Recording Director: Johnny Pacheco
Arrangements by Willie Colon

Released 1972

Re-mastered Fania E-Musica 2006

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Ah-Ah/O-No 3:47 (Willie Colon)
2. Pirana 5:16 (C. Curet Alonso)
3. Seguire Sin Ti 2:56 (D.R.)
4. Timbalero 8:17 (Willie Colon)
5. Aguanile 6:09 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
6. Sonando Despierto 4:03 (Rafael Angel Ramos, Juan Juse Quiros Rosado)
7. Pan Y Agua (Bread & Water) 5:16 (Willie Colon)

Willie Colon’s seventh album. Ah-Ah/O-No, Pirana, Timbalero and Aguanile are all fairly well known although I don’t think any of them are obvious slam dunk dance tracks.


Willie Colon / Nose Flute
Hector Lavoe / Lead Vocals
Jose Mangual / Bongos
Santi Gonzalez / Bass
Louis Romero / Timbales
Joe “Professor” Torres / Piano
Eric Matos / Trombone
Milton Cardona / Conga
Gene Golden / Percussion
Justo Betancourt, Johnny Pacheco / Chorus

Willie Colon – Crime Pays

Released 1972

Re-mastered Fania / E-Musica 2006

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Che Che Cole 3:29 (Willie Colon)
2. El Malo 4:00 (Willie Colon)
3. Guisando 3:59 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
4. Jazzy 4:04 (Willie Colon)
5. Juana Pena 5:36 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
6. Guajiron 5:56 (Mark Dimond)
7. El Titan 5:20 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
8. Que Lio 4:35 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, Joe Cuba)
9. Eso Se Baila Asi 5:18 (Willie Colon)

This very first compilation album released by the Fania label is also the first compilation album for Willie Colon. The songs were taken from Willie Colon’s first four albums – El Malo (1967 represented by El Malo and Jazzy), The Hustler (1968 represented by Guajiron, Que Lio, Eso Se Baila Asi), Guisando (1969 represented by Guisando and El Titan), and Cosa Nuestra (1970 represented by Che Che Cole and Juana Pena). Juana Pena made salsanewyork.com list recently.

Musicians (incomplete)

El Malo

Dwight Brewster / Piano
James Taylor / Bass

The Hustler

Mark Dimond / Piano


Mark Dimond / Piano
Charlie Cotto / Timbales
Santi Gonzalez / Bass
Chucky Lopez / Bongos
Barry Rogers / Trombone
Gilbert ? / Conga
Justo Betancounrt, Johnny Pacheco / Chorus

All albums

Willie Colon / Trombone
Hector Lavoe / Lead Vocals

Lebron Brothers - Criollo

Produced by Angel Lebron

Cotique 1982

Re-mastered Fania / E-Musica 2007

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Yo Te Cante (Jose Lebron) 4:07
2. Siempre Sera (Jose Lebron) 5:07
3. Voy A Caminar (Jose Lebron) 4:05
4. Esposa Y Querida (Angel Lebron) 5:07
5. Madre (Angel Lebron) 3:34
6. Son Diez Lagrimas (Angel Lebron) 5:09
7. Sabor A Mi (Alvaro Carillo) 3:14
8. Sin Negro No Hay Guaguanco (Angel Lebron, Aura M. De Velazquez) 3:33
9. Abran Camino (Angel Lebron) 4:18

This album (their 16th) was released after Pablo's stroke in 1981, which led to his retirement and a fairly long lull in new album releases for the band thereafter. I mention this because I originally thought the band stopped recording because their last few albums were no good. This is far from true because Criollo might be the best Lebron Brothers album for Salsa. The classics are Sin Negro No Hay Guaguanco and Diez Lagrimas. Esposa Y Querida is pretty good too.


Angel Lebron / Bass and chorus
Jose Lebron / Piano and chorus
Carlos Lebron / Bongos and chorus
Frankie Lebron / Conga
Ruben Lebron / Trombone
Joseph Trapaneses / Trumpet
Willie Rodriguez / Trumpet
Edwin Acevado / Timbales
Osvaldo Acevado / Percussion
Louie Cruz / Percussion
Pablo Lebron / Lead Vocals

Lebron Brothers - Salsa Y Control

Released 1971
Cotique 1049

Remastered Fania / E-Musica 2006

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Tu Llegaste A Mi Vida (Pablo Lebron) 2:56
2. Salsa Y Control (Jose Lebron) 3:47
3. Que Pana (Jose Lebron) 3:22
4. Regresa A Mi (Jimmy Webb) 3:32
5. Piensalo Bien (Jose Lebron) 3:46
6. Bongo Loco (Angel Lebron) 3:00
7. Estoy Loco (Javier Vazquez) 4:46
8. Sabor Tipico (Angel Lebron) 2:02

The best-selling album by Lebron Brothers. The best-known hit is Salsa Y Control, which has been re-recorded by many other artists. Another good song for Salsa dancing is Bongo Loco. This album marks the debut of Frankie Lebron.


Angel Lebron / Bass and chorus
Pablo Lebron / Lead Vocals and chorus
Jose Lebron / Piano and chorus
Carlos Lebron / Bongos and percussion
Frankie Lebron / Conga
Gabe Gill / Alto Saxophone
Herman Sandana / Tenor Saxophone
Louis Maldonado / 1st Trumpet
Pete Maldonado / 2nd Trumpet
Tito Ocasio / Timbales

Lebron Brothers - Psychedelic Goes Latin / The Brooklyn Bums

Psychedelic Goes Latin 1967
Cotique 1008
The Brooklyn Bums 1969
Cotique 1015

Produced by Barry Goldiner

Re-mastered by Nascente

Out of print - best bet is to hope for Fania / E-Musica to reissue the two albums individually

Psychedelic Goes Latin

1. Summertime Blues (Lebron) 4:41
2. Suena (Lebron) 5:51
3. Tall Tale (Lebron) 4:24
4. Mi Mambo (Rivera) 5:01
5. Mary Mary (Lebron) 4:25
6. My Cool Boogaloo (Lebron) 3:54
7. Mala Suerte (Lebron) 3:08
8. Descarga Lebron (Lebron) 5:21

The Brooklyn Bums

9. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Mann/Weil/Spector) 3:57
10. The Village Chant (Rivera) 3:15
11. Boogaloo Pa Mi San Juan (Lebron) 2:59
12. Vacilon (Lebron) 3:189
13. Let's Get Stoned (Lebron) 2:49
14. Apurate (Lebron) 5:13
15. Son Sabroson (Lebron) 4:24
16. El Cantante (Lebron) 3:29
17. Money Can't Buy Love (Lebron) 2:02

Lebron Brothers originated as Angel Lebron and Orchestra back in 1965 when Angel was 15 with brothers Pablo (then age 29?), Jose (age 17?), and Carlos (age 13?). Nascente does a very sensible job of offering their first two albums in a single CD. These albums are mostly boogaloo with a few tracks good for Salsa dancing such as Descarga Lebron and Vacilon. Descarga Lebron in fact is included in salsanewyork.com list.

Musicians include

Pablo Lebron / Lead Vocals
Jose Lebron / Piano and chorus
Carlos Lebron / Bongos and chorus
Angel Lebron / Bass and chorus