Cachao – From Havana To New York

Compilation of recordings from 1957 and 1961

Released 2004

Available at Amazon, Descarga (check their review), etc

Recorded in Havana, 1957 (tracks 1-12)

Israel Lopez “Cachao” / Bass
Guillermo Barretto / Timbales
Tata Guines / Conga
Rogelio “Yeya” Iglesias / Bongso
Gustavo Tamayo / Guiro
Alejandro “El Negro” Vivar / Trumpet (2,4,6,9,10)
Generoso “Tojo” Jimenez / Trombone (7,9)
Orestes Lopez / Piano (3,7,8,9,10)
Emilio Penalver / Tenor Sax (1)
Virgilio Lisama / Baritone Sax (1)
Richard Egues / Flute (11)
Nino Rivera / Tres-Guitar (12)

1. Guajeo De Saxos 2:19 (E. Penalver)
2. Estudio En Trompeta 2:17 (I. Lopez)
3. Cogele El Golpe 2:39 (A. Castillo)
4. Goza Mi Trompeta 2:55 (O. Estivill)
5. Descarga Cubana 3:01 (O. Estivill)
6. A Gozar Timbero 2:57 (O. Estivill)
7. Trombon Criollo 3:06 (O. Portillo)
8. Malanga Amarilla 3:17 (S. Contreras)
9. Controversia De Metalles 3:11 (I. Lopez)
10. Pamparana 2:34 (A. Leon)
11. Sorpresa De Flauta 2:51 (O. Estivill)
12. Oye Mi Tres Montuno 2:39 (A. Echevarria)

Recorded in New York, 1961 (tracks 13-20)

Israel Lopez “Cachao” / Bass
Marcelino Valdes / Timbales
Antonio “Chocolate” Diaz Mena / Conga
Jose Mangual / Bongos
Clark Terry, Jimmy Nottingham / Trumpet
Frank Anderson / Piano
Herbie Lovelle / Drums
Jerome Richardson / Flute, Piccolo, Tenor and Baritone Sax
Los Gatos / Vocals

13. Pa-Pa Bajo 2:24 (I. Lopez)
14. Escucha, Dos Trompetas 2:49 (J. Cain)
15. Mungo, Mungo, Baby 3:13 (V. Valdes)
16. Que Paso 2:50 (V. Valdes, R. Hernandez)
17. Chunga, Uhuruh, Chunga 2:10 (J. Cain)
18. A Bailar Guajira 2:29 (V. Valdes, R. Hernandez)
19. Tanga, Pa Katanga 2:16 (R. Santos)
20. Caballos Locos 2:06 (F. Rodriguez)

Two songs (Trombon Criollo, Malanga Amarilla) made honor list. This album is a classic.

Tracks 1-12 make up at least two other Cachao CDs called "Descargas: Cuban Jam Session" and "Descargas" (Sonodisc - ASIN:B00004R8RJ) and "Descargas: Cuban Jam Sessions in Miniature" (Vampi Soul - ASIN B0001CNPQS). I would venture to guess that this CD "Havana to New York" with extra 8 tracks is a better deal. Many other Cachao CDs have selections from tracks 1-12 included in them.

Grupo Latin Vibe – All That Vibe

Released 2005

Produced by Tommy Mattioli and Anibal Tito Rivera

Available at (clips)
Also check group web site

1. Pa’ Los Bravos 5:14 (Felix Castrillon)
2. Si Tu Bailas 5:23 (T. Mattioli)
3. Rico Cha Cha Cha 5:27 (A. T. Rivera)
4. Ritmo Pa’ Borinquen 5:47 (A. T. Rivera)
5. La Llave 6:07 (A. T. Rivera)
6. No Te Vayas Ramon 4:32 (A. T. Rivera)
7. Llego El Rumbero 4:30 (A. T. Rivera)
8. Can’t Get Enough 5:20 (T. Mattioli)
9. Conquistador Tu Corazon 6:01 (A. T. Rivera)
10. Aprieta El Bongo 5:02 (A. T. Rivera)
11. La Fiesta Ya Comenso 4:30 (A. T. Rivera)
12. All That Vibe 4:20 (A. T. Rivera)

Not sure if there's much to say - get ready for heavy dose of vibraphone. Go to to hear generous 2 min clips for all songs. Like many CDs offered by, this CD was released without any help from a record company. The best known song is La Llave. Different people like different songs. Other favorites include Ritmo Pa Borinquen, Si Tu Bailas, Pa' Los Bravos, La Fiesta Ya Comenso.

[added Oct 11, 2007: La Llave recently made list. Well deserved.]

Anibal “Tito” Rivera / Lead Vocals, Conga
Tommy Mattioli / Vibraphone, Chorus, Strings
Carlos “Traba” Velazquez / Bass
Awilda Santiago / Chorus, Hand Percussion
William Paul / Piano, Chorus
Giancardo “Panama” Anderson / Bongos, Bell
Victor Rendon / Timbales, Bata

with guests
Willie Rivera Serrano / Guiro
Manny Mieles / Chorus, Maracas
Heriberto Rodriguez / Bongos

Angel Canales - Sabor

Released 1975 Alegre

Produced by Joe Cain
Arrangements by Edy Martinez except track (1) by Luis Cruz

Remastered 2007
Fania / E-Musica

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc.

1. Sabor Los Rumberos Nuevos 4:18 (Angel Canales)
2. Sol De Mi Vida 6:26 (Angel Canales / Juan Torres)
3. La Hiedra 4:54 (R. Sarachi / D'aquisto)
4. Perico Macona 3:27 (Angel Canales)
5. Hace Tiempo 4:40 (Victor Cordero)
6. Lejos De Ti 4:13 (Angel Canales)
7. No Te Acostumbre 3:18 (Doris Aghian)
8. El Cantante Y La Orquesta 3:41 (Antonio Tapia)

This is second album by Angel Canales - Canales made his recording debut as the vocalist for Mark Dimond's album Brujeria in 1971. There's somewhat convoluted story here. Mark Dimond's band for Brujeria was called Conjunto Sabor. Because of his drug addiction, Dimond wasn't able to maintain his band together. Four years later essentially the same band with Angel Canales in the lead released this album - Sabor con Angel Canales. This album was a big hit for Canales whereas Dimond retreated into obscurity and disappearing in the 1980s. Upon success of this album, Mark Dimond's album Brujeria was re-released as an Angel Canales album re-titled Mas Sabor - Mas Sabor sounds very different compared to Sabor.

Three songs (Perico Macona, Lejos De Ti, El Cantante Y La Orquesta) made honor list. Usually I can't stand listening to Bolero, but I rather enjoy the ones here because of high theatricality of his amusing vocals.

[added Oct 11, 2007 - Hace Tiempo also made list recently to my delight.]


Juan Torres / Musical Director, Trombone
Ricardo Montanez / Trombone
Tom Malone / Trumpet
Emerito Benitez / Baritone Sax, Flute
Jose Madrid / Piano
Eddie Testo / Bass
Antonio Tapia / Conga
Gadier Quinones / Timbales
Aldemaro Luis Rivera / Bongos

Machito - Relax and Mambo

Compilation of recordings from 1942 to 1953

Released 2007
Living Era

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Relax and Mambo 3:06 (Machito, Mario Bauza, Rene Hernandez)
2. Sopa De Pichon 3:08 (Machito)
3. Tingo Talango 3:13 (Julio Cuevas)
4. La Paella 3:09 (Machito)
5. No Noise 5:50 (John Bartee)
6. Mango Mangue 2:51 (Gilberto Valdes, Marion Sunshine)
7. Okiedoke 3:13 (Machito, arr. Rene Hernandez)
8. Tanga 6:57 (Mario Bauza)
9. Mambo, Mucho Mambo 3:00 (Blanco Suazo)
10. Si Si, No No 3:10 (Blanco Suazo)
11. Jungle Dreams 2:59 (Ernesto Lecuona)
12. Asia Minor 3:08 (Roger King Mozian)
13. Un Poquito De Tu Amor (Julio Gutierrez)
14. Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite I. Cancion 2:55 (Chico O'Farrill)
15. Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite II. Mambo 5:54
16. Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite III. 6/8 2:11
17. Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite IV. Jazz 3:39
18. Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite V. Rhumba Abierta 2:33
19. Mamboscope 2:22 (Lennie Hambro)
20. Consternacion 2:41 (George Shearing)
21. Feeding the Chickens 2:41 (Rene Hernandez)
22. Mambo Sentimental 3:00 (D'Juri, Yatasto)

This compilation gives excellent overview of Machito and His Afro-Cubans from 1942 to 1953. The major works here include Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite (with guest Charlie Parker) and the signature Afro-Cubans piece, Tanga. One song (Mambo Sentimental) made honor list as Salsa/Mambo and another (Relax and Mambo) made honor list as Cha Cha.

Musicians include

Mario Bauza, Bobby Woodlen, Paquito Davilla (5-22), Sweets Edison (14-18), Al Stewart (14-18), Eddie Medina (19-22) / Trumpet
Freddy Zito (19-22), Eddie Bert (19-22), Vern Friley (19-22) / Trombone
Johny Nieto (2-4), Gene Johnson (5-22), Fred Skerrit (5-22), Charlie Parker (solo 5-7, 14-18), Lennie Hambro (19-22) / Alto Saxophone
Pin Madera (2-4), Jose Madera (5-22), Flip Phillips (solo 5, solo 8, 14-18)/ Tenor Saxophone
Frank Gilberto Ayala (2-4), Rene Hernandez (5-22) / Piano
Julio Andino (2-4), Bobby Rodriguez (5-22) / Bass
Luis Miranda (2-13), Rafael Miranda (14-22), Chino Pozo (14-18) / Conga
Tony Escollies (2-4), Ubaldo Nieto (5-22) / Timbales
Bilingue (2-4), Jose Mangual (5-22) / Bongos
Leslie Johnakins / Baritone saxophone
Sol Rubin (14-18) / Tenor saxophone, Baritone saxophone
Chico O'Farrill / Conductor (14-18)
Graciela Grillo Perez / Lead vocals (10, 13, 22), Claves (11-13)
Frank Raul "Machito" Grillo / Lead vocals, Maracas, Director

Personnel and recoding date for track 1 is unknown.

Mon Rivera - Que Gente Averigua

Released 1962
Alegre LPA 823

Produced by Al Santiago

Remastered 2007
Fania / E-Musica

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Monina 2:47 [Guaguanco]
2. Que Gente Averigua 2:56 [Plechanga]
3. Pachanga Con Guaguanco 2:48 [Pachanga]
4. Plebochanga 2:26 [Plebochanga]
5. La Cuca 2:34 [Mambo]
6. Como Esta Pita 2:35 [Mambo]
7. La Plechanga De Trabalengua 2:51 [Plechanga]
8. Lluvia Con Nieve 2:56 [Mambo)
9. Una Plena 2:45 [Plena]
10. En Casa De Pepe 2:52 [Mambo]

All songs composed and arranged by Efrain "Mon" Rivera Castillo. Lluvia Con Nieve is a classic mambo-jazz hybrid and made honor list.

This album was also re-released under the title, "Mon Y Sus Trombones." In the original LP, no musicians were listed - partial lineup given here was listed by the producer Al Santiago (also the founder of Alegre Records) almost 30 years after the recording was made in 1991. Eddie Palmieri is supposed to have played piano in two tracks including Lluvia Con Nieve. Musician list in any case is incomplete - the obvious omission being the vanilla session conga player.

Musicians include

Charlie Palmieri / Piano
Eddie Palmieri / Piano
Barry Rogers / Trombone
Mark Weinstein / Trombone
Manolin Pazo / Trombone
Kako / Timbales
Leo Fleming / Bass
Mon Rivera / Vocals, Guiro

Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound 6

Released 1974 International

Fania / E-Musica

Produced by Roberto Roena

Available through Amazon, Descarga, etc.

Arrangements by Julio Merced (1), Luis Ortiz (2,4), Jorge Millet (3,5,9), Bobby Valentin (6,7), Elias Lopes (8)

1. El Que Se Fue 6:18 (Tito Rodriguez)
2. Traicion 6:20 (Manolo Palos)
3. Cucarachita Cucarachon 5:33 (C. Chinea)
4. Parece Mentira 5:14 (Pedro Flores)
5. En Mis Rosario 4:20 (Jorge Millet/Angelica Lopez)
6. Que Se Sepa 4:19 (D.R.)
7. Ese Soy Yo 4:30 (D.R.)
8. Es Que Estas Enamorada 3:17 (D.R.)
9. Herencia Rumbera 5:58 (Jorge Millet/Angelica Lopez)

Many claim this as the best Roberto Roena album - it certainly is the best one I have heard thus far from start to finish. Traicion is the big hit but not the only one. My other favorites include El Que Se Fue and Que Se Sepa. Que Se Sepa by the way is a bit too fast for dancing so I was surprised when I first heard a song very much like it when out dancing and having a great time with it. When I asked the DJ about it, the song played was actually Siguelo by Javier Vazquez (apparently Siguelo is the original version and this seemingly is corroborated by others but there seems to be a dispute with authorship of the song according to the liner notes). El Que Se Fue would seem eminently danceable (and there are other versions of this song which also seem nice), but I haven't had the opportunity yet.


Roberto Roena / Bongo, Leader
Mario Alvarez / Trumpet
Dario Moralez / Trumpet
Miguel Rodriguez / Tenor Sax, Flute
Julio Merced Jr. / Trombone
Mario Roman / Piano
Jappy Castro / Bass
Papo Clemente / Conga
Endel Dueno / Timbales
Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez / Maracas
Elliot Randall / Guitar (6,7)
Harry Viggiano / Tres (3), Guitar (8,9)
Sammy Gonzalez, Tito Cruz, Frankie Calderon / Vocals
Adalberto Santiago, Paquito Guzman, Mario Alaverz / Chorus

Gilberto Santa Rosa - A Dos Tiempos De Un Tiempo

Released 1992

ASIN B000002DM6

Available through Amazon (clips), Descarga, etc.

1. Mama Guela (Tito Rodriguez)
2. En La Obscuridad (Rafael Solano)
3. El Que Se Fue (Tito Rodriguez)
4. Mio (Mandy & Mike Rivas)
5. Baranga (Justi Barretto)
6. Nuestro Balance (Chico Navarro)
7. Que Sera (Pepe Delgado)
8. Buscando La Melodia (M. Guerra/J. Blanco Leonard)
9. Monologo (Chico Novarro)
10. Hoy Te Canto (Angel Pena)
11. Tiemblas (Tite Curet Alonso)
12. Cuando Cuando (Renis/Boone/Rodriguez)
13. En La Soledad (Puchi Balseiro)
14. Abarriba Cumbiaremos (Osvaldo Buffarti)

This album was dedicated to Tito Rodriguez and features many of his most famous hits. Two songs (Mama Guela, El Que Se Fue) in this CD made honor list. Half of the songs are bolero, and one of them (En La Soledad) features a simulated duet with Tito Rodriguez a la Natalie King Cole.


Louis Garcia / Musical Director
Victor Paz, Elias Lopes, Arturo Sandoval (4), Eddie Feijoo, Juancito Torres / Trumpet
Oscar Pastrana, Antonio Vazquez, Moises Noguera, Rafy Torres / Trombone
Lito Pena (10,13), Freddie Miranda, Jose Raul Rios, Jose Luis Encarnacion, Angel Torres / Saxophone
Papo Lucca / Piano
Efrain Hernandez / Bass
Jimmie Morales / Conga, Bongo
Tito Echevarria / Bongo
David Rosado / Timbales
Gino Ramirez, Jerry Rivas, Domingo Quinones, Tempo Alomar, Charlie Donato, Gilberto Santa Rosa / Chorus
and others

Orchestra Harlow - Live In Quad

Recorded live at Sing Sing January 16, 1974
Produced by Larry Harlow


Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc.

1. Senor Sereno 5:17 (Ismael Miranda)
2. Gracia Divina 4:41 (Larry Harlow/Jerano Henry Alvarez)
3. Mayari 7:06 (F. Repilado)
4. Jovenes Del Muelle 6:57 (Sabino Penalver)
5. La Cartera 6:36 (Arsenio Rodriguez)
6. Tumba Y Bongo 7:31 (Arsenio Rodriguez)
7. Sueltala 6:11 (Arsenior Rodriguez)
8. Arsenio 5:32 (Larry Harlow/Ismael Miranda)
9. Descarga Final 9:10 (Larry Harlow)

The only Latin record ever released with quadrophonic sound system in mind. La Cartera is included in honor list.

Anthony “Tony” Jimenez / Conga
Pablito Rosario / Bongos
Nicky Marrero / Timbales
Eddie “Guagua” Rivera / Bass
Reynaldo Jorge / Trombone
Lewis Kahn / Trombone & Violins
Ralph Castrella / Trumpet, Chorus
Charlie Miller / Trumpet
Junior Gonzalez / Lead Vocals, Maracas
Justo Betancourt / Lead Vocals
Adalberto Santiago / Chorus
Larry Harlow / Piano, Clavinet, Chorus

Orchestra Harlow – Salsa

Fania SLP 460
Released 1974

Produced by Larry Harlow

Out of print. Check Amazon. This album is certain to be reissued by Fania/E-musica in near future.

1. No Quiero 5:44 (Israel Rodriguez)
2. La Cartera 6:26 (Arsenio Rodriguez)
3. Popo Pa’ Mi 6:06 (Arsenio Rodriguez)
4. No Hay Amigo 5:13 (E. Grenet)
5. Sueltame 6:22 (Israel Rodriguez)
6. El Paso De Encarnacion 5:14 (P. Arazola)
7. Wampo 5:28 (Urbano Montiel)
8. Silencio 6:36 (Elsa Angulo Macias)

La Cartera is included in the honor list and arguably is the best known song done by Larry Harlow - this is the first recording of the song done by Larry Harlow. Many consider this album as the best of Larry Harlow.


Orchestra Harlow
Pablito Rosario / Bongo, Paila & Guiro
Anthony “Tony” Jimenez / Tumbadora
Edwin Colon / Timbales
Eddie “Guagua” Rivera / Bass
Junior Gonzalez / Lead Vocals, Maracas
Reynaldo Jorge / Trombone
Lewis Kahn / Trombone & Violins
Ralph Castrella / Trumpet
Charlie Miller / Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Flute
Ray Maldonado / Trumpet
Larry Harlow / Piano

guest musicians
Yayo el Indio, Adalberto Santiago, Harry Vigiano (Tres & Guitar), Johnny Pacheco (Flute), Milton Cardono & Gene Golden (Bata), Marcelino Guerra (Coro)

Mark Dimond / Frankie Dante - Beethoven's V

Cotique CS-1075
Released 1975

Produced by Larry Harlow

Out of print. Check Amazon. This album presumably will be reissued by Fania/E-musica in near future.

1. Sabroson 4:23 (M. Dimond)
2. Los Rumberos 5:51 (D.R.)
3. Ahora Si 4:09 (M. Dimond)
4. El Quinto De Beethoven 5:41 (M. Dimond)
5. Maraquero 4:52 (M. Dimond)
6. Yo No Tengo Amigo 4:38 (D.R.)
7. Camarones 4:44 (M. Dimond)
8. Por Que Adore 5:53 (C. Curet Alonso)

All songs arranged by Mark Dimond (except “Yo No Tengo Amigo” arranged by Marty Sheller). Every song is interesting and danceable. Ahora Si and Maraquero are good for Cha Cha - somewhat less so for Camarones. All others are Salsa - different favorites for different people whether it's Los Rumberos, Yo No Tengo Amigo or Por Que Adore. Most of the backup musicians are from Larry Harlow's Orchestra Harlow.


Mark Dimond / Piano
Nicky Marrero / Bongos (2,4,5,7)
Pablito Rosario / Bongos (1,3,6,8)
Frank Malabe / Conga
Mike Collazo / Timbales (2,4,5,7)
Nicky Marrero / Timbales (1,3,6,8)
Eddie “Guagua” Rivera / Bass
Lewis Kahn / Trombone
Reinardo Jorge / Trombone (2,4,5,7)
Barry Rogers / Trombone (1,3,6,8)
Randy Brecker / Trumpet (2,4,5,7)
Lou Soloff / Trumpet (1,3,6,8)
Junior Vazquez / Maracas
Yayo el Indio, Pete “Conde” Rodriguez, Ismael Quintana / Coro
Frankie Dante / Lead Vocals
Chivirico Davila / Lead Vocals (1,3,6,8)

Eddie Palmieri - Champagne

Released 1968 Tico

Produced by Pancho Cristal

Fania / E-Musica
Remastered 2007
ASIN B0000648KZ

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc.

1 Ay Que Rico 3:26 (Eddie Palmieri)
2 Delirio/Here's That Rainy Day 4:56 (Cesar Portillo De La Luz / J. Van Heusen, J. Burke)
3 Cinturita 4:50 (Eddie Palmieri)
4 Busca lo Tuyo 4:31 (Marceilino Guerra)
5 Twist Africano 2:31 (Cynthia Ellis)
6 Palo de Mango 4:30 (Eddie Palmieri, Cheo Feliciano)
7 Si Las Nenas Me Dejan, Que 6:00 (Arsenio Rodriguez)

This is Eddie Palmieri's first album after the breakup of La Perfecta and was released during the height of Boogaloo craze. Ay Que Rico and Cinturita are included in Cha Cha honor list - both songs are Boogaloo. Check out the musicians involved - Cachao, Chocolate Armenteros (who earlier worked extensively with Arsenio Rodriguez, Beny More and Machito), Barry Rogers, etc.


Eddie Palmieri / Piano, Leader
Israel "Cachao" Lopez / Bass
Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros / Trumpet
Roy Roman / Trumpet
Lew Soloff / Trumpet
George Castro / Trumpet
Barry Rogers / Trombone, Tres
Jose Rodriguez / Trombone
Luis Miranda / Conga
Nicky Marrero / Timbales
Ray Armando / Conga
Cheo Feliciano / Vocals
Cynthia Ellis / Vocals
Ismael "Pat" Quintana / Vocals

Eddie Palmieri - Superimposition

Released 1971 Tico

Fania / E-Musica
Remastered 2007
ASIN B000HT3600

Available at Amazon, Descarga (see their review), etc.

1 La Malanga 4:05 (Rudy Calzado)
2 Pa' Huele 4:42 (Arsenio Rodriguez)
3 Bilongo 5:42 (Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe)
4 Que Lindo Eso, Eh! (Eddie Palmieri)
5 Chocolate Ice Cream (Alfredo Armenteros/Palmieri)
6 17.1 (Palmieri)

This one is fast becoming one of my favorite Eddie Palmieri albums. Songs on honor list include Bilongo (for Salsa), Pa' Huele, Chocolate Ice Cream (for Cha Cha). La Malanga was a big hit too. The find for me in this album was Chocolate Ice Cream - very nice.


Eddie Palmieri / Piano, Leader
Jose Rodriguez / Trombone
Lewis Kahn / Trombone
Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros / Trumpet
Nicky Marrero / Timbales, Percussion, Effect
Eladio Perez / Conga
Tommy "Choki" Lopez / Bongo
Israle "Izzy" Feliu / Bass
Andy Gonzalez / Bass
Roberto Franquiz / Bell
Rudy Calzado / Percussion
Ismale Quintana / Lead Vocals
Arturo Campa / Chorus
Justo Betancourt / Chorus
Elliot Romero / Chorus
Manny Oquendo / Percussion, Timbales, Bongos