Angel Canales - Historia De Una Leyenda

compilation released 2002


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1. Locucion
2. Solo Se Que Tiene Nombre De Mujer 5:16 (A. Canales)
3. La Humanidad 5:58 (A. Canales)
4. Dos Gardenias 2:57 (Isolina Carrillo)
5. Soy Del Monte 6:36 (D.R.)
6. Locucion
7. Bomba Carambomba 6:09 (Titi Amadeo)
8. Nostalgia 5:33 (D.R.)
9. Locucion
10. Sandra 5:11 (A. Canales)
11. Locucion
12. Ana Isaocao 6:18 (A. Canales)
13. Locucion
14. Caja De Sorpresas 7:05 (Tommy Sanchez)
15. Locucion
16. Saraguay Santoja 6:05 (A. Canales)
17. Locucion
18. Nina Mele 4:24 (A. Canales)
19. Cha Cha A La Canales 6:03 (A. Canales)

This compilation contains 12 songs and 7 short interruptions for advertisements (locucion). All the songs are seemingly from studio recordings. Some of the 12 songs were released as part of other Angel Canales albums, but not all. Below is the breakdown as best I could make out.

Solo Se Que Tiene Nombre De Mujer, Nina Mele - not released as part of an original album?

Sandra, Ana Isaoco, Cha Cha A La Canales - from El San Juan (1976)

La Humanidad, Dos Gardenias, Soy Del Monte, Nostalgia - from Sentimiento Del Latino En Nueva York (1979)

Bomba Carambomba, Saraguay Santoja, (La Vida Es Una) Caja De Sorpresas - from El Diferente (1981) (studio album, not the live album of the same name)

Some of these songs categorized as not released as part of an original album may make up part of the rumored album Just When You Thought It Was Safe (1982), which is mentioned by Brian Lynch.

Two songs made list - Solo Se Que Tiene Nombre De Mujer and Bomba Carambomba. Sandra (another version titled Baby Please Don't Go in Different Shades Of Thought (1982) also exists) and Nina Mele may be worth playing as well.

Machito Y Su Orquesta - Yo Soy La Rumba

compilation reissued 1994

Polydor / Polygram Latino
(also WS Latino re-issue 1993)

Ten songs released in the 1965 album Mucho Mucho Machito

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1. El Guardia Con El Tolete 3:10 (R. Becker)
2. Risque 3:15 (A. Barroso, H. Sanguinetti)
3. Baja El Caballo 3:25 (F. Grillo)
4. Lo Llevo En Mi 3:22 (B. Manrique)
5. Yo Soy La Rumba 3:55 (M. Guerra)
6. Noche De Ronda 2:52 (M. T. Lara)
7. Tanga 3:31 (M. Bauza)
8. Mi Cancion Es Para Ti 3:20 (L. Homes, B. Manrique)
9. Asi No Se Quiere A Nadie 2:45 (M. Guerra)
10. Es Que No Comprendes 3:22 (C. Abreu)
11. Entre Juanito Y Jose 2:57 (F. Grillo)
12. Balanza 3:02 (J. Gonzalez)

Ten of the twelve songs were originally released in 1965 in the album "Mucho Mucho Machito" featuring Graciela and Marcelino Guerra. The two extra songs are tracks 4 and 12 - skip those songs and this CD is identical to Mucho Mucho Machito.

Six of the songs are Boleros with Graciela at lead vocals. These are all the even-numbered tracks.

For me the big reason to get this album was the Marcelino "Rapindey" Guerra songs - especially Yo Soy La Rumba, which has been covered later by among others La Sonora Poncena and re-titled Ahora Si. Asi No Se Quiere A Nadie might be worth playing too - we'll see. The version of Tanga here has better sound quality especially compared to the radio recordings from the 1950s.

Musicians include:

Frank Grillo "Machito" / Lead Vocals, Maracas
Graciela / Lead Vocals
Marcelino "Rapindey" Guerra / Lead Vocals
Mario Bauza / Trumpet
Rene Hernandez / Piano

Linda Leida Y La Bahia - Javier Vazquez Y Su Conjunto

Released 1984
Caiman Records

Executive Producers: Sergio Bofill & Humberto Corredor
Engineer: Sammy Velazquez

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1. La Bahia 3:44
2. Quiereme Un Poquitico 3:37
3. De Tumbao 3:49
4. Tumba El Quinto 3:21
5. Defiendeme Santa Barbara 3:47
6. Ojos Malos 4:14
7. Arroz Con Manteca 4:08
8. Donde Estan Los Rumberos 3:35

I have very little information on this album. No songwriter or arranger credits. Tumba El Quinto is an old song; I have a Machito recording of the song from the1940s. I'm not even sure what La Bahia is; my best guess is that Javier Vazquez and his band is being called La Bahia here.

Tumba El Quinto made list. I might venture and try playing De Tumbao, Defiendeme Santa Barbara or Donde Estan Los Rumberos at some point in future.


Javier Vazquez / Director, Piano
Pedro "Puchi" Boulong / Trumpet
Felix Vega Jr / Trumpet
Hector "Bomberito" Zarzuela / Trumpet
Raimundo Vazquez / Bass
Mario Hernandez / Tres
Alberto Valdes / Conga
Mario "Papaito" Munoz / Timbales
Yayo El Indio / Guiro, Maracas
Yayo El Indio, Jorge Maldonado, Alberto Valdez / Chorus

Ismael Miranda & Junior Gonzalez - Cantar O No Cantar

Released 1995
ASEFRA Music Productions

Musical Direction by Louis Garcia & Jose Mangual Jr

Out of print. Best bet might be Amazon.

1. Cantar O No Cantar 5:49 (Jhonny Ortiz)
2. Dame Tiempo 4:36 (Raldy Vasquez)
3. Tu Nuevo Amor 5:17 (D.R.)
4. Flor De Madrugada 4:55 (Mario Diaz)
5. Ole Gitana 4:49 (Elvira Quiles & Jose Mangual)
6. Se Me Escapo El Momento 4:58 (Pedro Azael)
7. Los Caminos De La Vida 5:44 (Omar Geles)
8. Tanto Andar 6:17 (Tite Curet Alonso)

Arrangements by Luis "Perico" Ortiz (1), Lenny Prieto (2), Angel Fernandez (3), Eric Figueroa (4), Lucho Cueto (5), Louis Garcia (6, 8), Isidro Infante (7).

Ismael Miranda is the lead vocalist for tracks 2, 4 and 6. Junior Gonzalez is the lead vocalist for tracks 3, 5 and 7. Ismael Miranda and Junior Gonzalez shares lead vocal duty for tracks 1 and 8.

It's something of an Orchestra Harlow reunion with Larry Harlow as a special guest and Lewis Kahn also participating. The CD liner insert opens up to an amusing photo of Ismael Miranda and Junior Gonzalez lying on the ground barefoot and holding a champagne glass towards each other.

Three songs made list - Tu Nuevo Amor, Ole Gitana and Los Caminos De La Vida. Los Caminos De La Vida with accordion and all should be instantly recognizable.


Puerto Rico
Luis Quevedo / Piano
Efrain Hernandez / Bass
Charlie Sierra / Timbales
Sammy Garcia / Conga
Alberto Machuca / Bongo
Ramon Sanchez / Accordion
Elias Lopez / Trumpet
Luis Aquino / Trumpet
Vicente Castillo / Trumpet
Antonio Vazquez / Trombone
Raffi Torres / Trombone
Jorge Diaz / Trombone
Louis Garcia / Tres
Ramon Sanchez / Keyboards
Lenny Priedo / Keyboards
Jerry Medina, Darvel Garcia, Tito Allen / Chorus
Chago Martinez / Minor Percussion
Jesus "Papo" Sanchez, Louis Garcia, Jose Mangual Jr / Mix
Ramon Sanchez / Synthesizer

New York
Isidro Infante / Piano
Larry Harlow / Piano
Lucho Cueto / Piano
Jhonny Torres / Bass
Papo Pepin / Conga
Rey Colon / Bongo, Campana
Chino Nunez / Timbales
Cesar Rivera / Timbales
Jose Mangual Jr / Maracas, Guiro
Yomo Toro / Guitar
Hector "Bomberito" Zarzuela / Trumpet
Ite Jerez / Trumpet
Joe King / Trumpet
Leopoldo Pineda / Trombone
Lewis Kahn / Trombone
Louis Lopez / Trombone
Nestor Sanchez, Joe King, Milton Cardona, Jose Mangual Jr / Chorus

Tommy Olivencia - Plante Bandera

Released 1975
Inca Records

Produced by Luis "Perico" Ortiz

Remastered 2006
Fania / E-musica

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Plante Bandera 4:34 (C. Curet Alonso)
2. Casimira 4:37 (C. Curet Alonso)
3. Como Novela De Amor 3:59 (C. Curet Alonso)
4. A La Yumbae 2:58 (C. Curet Alonso)
5. Si Estas Herido 4:36 (C. Curet Alonso)
6. Evelio Y La Rumba 5:35 (C. Curet Alonso)
7. El Amor 3:35 (D.R.)
8. A Mi Pai Chango 4:42 (C. Curet Alonso)
9. Trucutu 5:02 (Chamaco Ramirez)

Arrangements by Luis "Perico" Ortiz (1,3,6,8,9), Louis Cruz (2), Cabrerita (4), Jose Febles (5), Maximo Torres (7).

Plante Bandera and Trucutu made list. I think this is the second recording of Trucutu made by Chamaco Ramirez and Tommy Olivencia. A La Yumbae is a pretty good Merengue - seems to work fine with today's crowd.


Rafael Rodriguez / Trombone
Victor Candelario / Trombone
Ismael Rodriguez / Trumpet
Luis Ortiz / Trumpet
Hector Zarzuela / Trumpet
Tommy Olivencia / Trumpet
Frank Revilla / Piano
Jaime Ramirez / Bass
David Cortijito / Conga
Julito Morales / Timbales
Jose "Papi" Fuentes / Bongos
Chamacho Ramirez / Lead Vocals
Jose "Pepe" Sanchez / Vocals
Adalberto Santiago, Hector Lavoe, Yayo El Indio / Chorus

Oscar D'Leon - Infinito

Released 2003

Universal Music Latino

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Como Olvidarte 4:57 (Juan Zambrano, Marcela Cardenas)
2. La Mazucamba 3:56 (Orland De La Rosa)
3. Por Que Sera 4:59 (Jorge Luis Pilito)
4. Senora 4:01 (Franco De Vita)
5. Cualquiera 4:45 (Juan Zambrano, Maria Isabel Saavedra)
6. Amor Verdadero 4:58 (Enrique Barrios, Oswaldo Ponte, Oscar D'Leon)
7. Ya Lo Veras 4:46 (Oscar D'Leon)
8. Tormenta De Amor 5:08 (Sara Luz Caballero, Wilson Rodriguez Molina)
9. Como Olvidarte [Bolero] 3:24 (Juan Zambrano, Marcela Cardenas)
10. Bailando Con Ella 5:00 (Oscar D'Leon, Enrique Barrios, Oswaldo Ponte)

Arrangements by Louis Garcia (1,3,6,9), Yasmil Marrufo (2,4), Louis Garcia & Ramon Sanchez (5), Tomas "Monchy" Bernal (7,8,10).

Cualquiera and Ya Lo Veras made list.


Puerto Rico (1,2,3,4,5,6,9)
Pedro Perez / Bass
Luis Marin / Piano
Jorge Laboy / Guitar
Ramon Sanchez / Keyboards
Louis Garcia / Tres
Efren Rodriguez / Trumpet
Julio Alvarado / Trumpet
Miguel Rivera / Trombone
Angel Torres / Tenox Sax
Jimmy Morales / Conga
Richard Carrasco / Bongos
Charlie Sierra / Timbales, Conga, Bongos
Robert Rivera / Bateria
Darvel Garcia, Jose Luis Ramos, Hector "Pichi" Perez / Chorus

Venezuela (Salsa) (7,10)
Gustavo Aranguren / Trumpet
Domingo Pagliunca / Trombone
Joel Uriola / Piano
Enrique "Culebra" Iriarte / Solo Piano (7)
Jose "Monrtadelo" Soto / Bass
Eiter "Kiko" Gonzalez / Conga
Denis Vilera / Bongos, Bell, Timbalito
Carlos Romera / Timbal
Wilmer Lozano / Maracas, Guiro
Jose "Cheo" Valenzuela, Gustavo "Pirata" Gerardo, Tomas "Monchy" Bernal / Chorus

Venezuela (Vallenatos) (8)
Kenny Arrieta / Accordion, Bass
Rafael "Tito" Arrieta / Caja, Guacharaca
Jorge Arrieta / Timbal
David Melo / Conga
Andres Briceno / Bateria
Roberto Jiron / Acoustic Guitar
Jesus Chua, Jose "Cheo" Valenzuela, Gustavo "Pirata" Gerardo, Tomas "Monchy" Bernal / Chorus

Willie Colon - La Gran Fuga

Released 1970

Producer: Jerry Masucci
Recording Director: Johnny Pacheco

Re-mastered 2007
Fania / E-Musica

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Ghana' E 4:06 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
2. Pa' Colombia 5:52 (C. Curet Alonso)
3. No Cambiare 3:35 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
4. Sigue Feliz 4:15 (Carlos Roman)
5. Barrunto 5:36 (C. Curet Alonso)
6. Abuelita 4:24 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
7. Panamena 5:55 (Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe)
8. Cancion Para Mi Suegra 0:59 (D.R.)

Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe's sixth album together. Abuelita made list.


Willie Colon / Leader, First Trombone
Willie Campbell / Second Trombone
Milton Cardona / Conga
Louis "Timbalito" Romero / Timbales
Jose Mangual / Bongos
Joe "Professor" Torres / Piano
Santi Gonzalez / Bass
Hector Lavoe / Lead Vocals

Willie Rosario - Back To The Future

Released 1999
Sony Discos

Produced by Willie Rosario & Bobby Valentin

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. La Bomba 4:31 (M. Valle)
2. Busco Olvidarte 4:33 (L. A. Flores)
3. El Apartamento 4:17 (C. Donato)
4. Que Siga El Afinque 4:37 (C. Donato)
5. Medley: Cuando Estoy Contigo (D.R.) & En Cada Beso (H. Urdaneta)
6. Satin Lace 5:34 (Sunkel)
7. Yo Quiero Encontrarme Contigo 4:45 (M. Denis)
8. Un Tipo Como Yo 4:39 (S. Esquivel)
9. Que Pasa Contigo 4:50 (R. Monclova)
10. Juntos De Nuevo 4:43 (C. Robles)
11. Arrepentios Pecadores 4:29 (W. Rosario)
12. No More Blues 5:34 (A.C. Jobim)

Arrangements by Jose Madera (1,8), Bobby Valentin (2,5,7,12), Ramon Sanchez (3,10), Julio Alvarado (4), Humberto Ramirez (6,9), Louis Ramirez (11).

Three songs made lists - El Apartamento, Que Pasa Contigo and Arrepentios Pecadores; there is at least one more recording of Arrepentios Pecadores by Willie Rosario elsewhere. Satin Lace is fine and is played at relaxed pace.


Luis Aquino / Trumpet
Jan Decler / Trumper
Efren Rodriguez / Trumpet
Richard Trinidad / Piano
Efrain Hernandez / Bass
Beto Tirado / Baritone Sax
Jimmie Morales / Conga
Carmelo Alvarez / Bongo
Willie Rosario / Timbales
Rico Walker / Lead Vocals (1,8)
Luis Vergara / Lead Vocals (2,7)
Jose Rosado / Lead Vocals (5)
Henry Santiago, Osvaldo Roman, Dalbert Garcia, Chegui Ramos / Chorus

Guest musicians:

Gilberto Santa Rosa / Lead Vocals (3,9)
Tony Vega / Lead Vocals (4,10,11)
Papo Lucca / Piano (6,12)
Bobby Valentin / Bass (6,12)
Roberto Roena / Bongo (6,12)
Wilfredo De La Torres / Saxophone (5)
Tony Rijos / Guitar (5,12)
Humberto Ramirez / Trumpet (6)