Conjunto Yumuri – La Paella

Vinyl released 1980 and/or 1981
Caney Records 8003 and 8004

CD issued 1991
SAR 803

Arrangements by William Sanchez

Musical Director: Chano Montes (8003) and William Sanchez (8004)

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1. La Paella 6:33 (Frank “Machito” Grillo)
2. Rosa Oriental 5:14
3. Se Me Fue 6:15
4. Dime Adios Carmelina 4:59
5. Pastorita 5:48 (Juan Formell)
6. Comete Tu Pinol 5:22
7. Camina Y Prende El Fogon 5:14 (Benigno Echemendia)
8. Son Guajiro 5:33
9. Mi Querer 5:03

Typical of SAR, the CD is devoid of information.

The original material is culled from two different LPs produced by Caney Records in 1981 with an overlapping group of musicians. The first album has the same cover as this CD except with the napkin on the top left labeled Caney Records CR LPS-8003/Stereo Serie 0798. Songs in this first LP includes La Paella, Rosa Oriental, Se Me Fue along with three songs not included in this CD (Al Montuno, La Vueltabajera, Guampanpiro). The second album CR LPS 8004 cover has a drawing of a restaurant, a bar or perhaps a bodega with the name "Cafe 3 Kilos" and possible album title "Estampos de mi Tierra" includes the songs Dime Adios Carmelina, Pastorita, Comete Tu Pinol, Camina Y Prende El Fogon and Mi Querer.

Two songs made list - Se Me Fue (completely different song from Se Me Fue by El Gran Combo) and Camina Y Prende El Fogon, which is an old-time classic also recorded by Chapottin Y Sus Estrellas (Conjunto Yumuri version sounds quite similar to this classic Chapottin version), Sonora Poncena (under the title Prende El Fogon), and Fruko Y Sus Tesos.

Another nice notable song is Pastorita, originally written by Juan Formell of Los Van Van fame and also covered famously by Ray Barretto under the title Guarare.


Jorge Cabrera / Tres
Israel “Cachao” Lopez / Bass
Paquito Echevarria / Piano
Tony Concepcion / Trumpet
Stewart Brennan / Trumpet (8003 only)
Al de Gooyer / Trumpet
Benny Cabreras / Trumpet solo (8004 only)
Tony Saydai / Bongos, Tumba, Campana (8003 only)
Candido Tunidor / Bongos, Tumba, Campana (8004 only)
William Sanchez / Guiro, Maracas, Clave (8003 only)
Tony Columbia / Maracas, Guiro (8004 only)
J. Cordo / Chorus
M. Chino / Lead Vocals, Chorus

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Angel Canales & Sabor – El San Juan

Released 1977
TR Records

Reissued 1997

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1. La Realidad 5:37
2. Concierto En Bongo 5:56
3. El Amarte A Ti 3:48
4. Sandra 5:13
5. De Que Te Quejas 6:07 (P. Ortiz)
6. Ana Y Saoco 6:18
7. Mi Nina Bonita 5:06
8. Viejo Carruzell 4:29
9. Arrepentida 9:14
10. Cha Cha A La Canales 5:16 (A. Canales)

Arrangements by Steve Goodman (1,3,4,6,9) and Eddy Martinez (2,5,6,8,10). Mixed by Marty Sheller. All songs written by Angel Canales except tracks 7 and 8; songwriting credits are confusing on this CD.

Arrepentida made list. Other songs most likely to be heard on Salsa dance floor include La Realidad and Sandra.

Musicians are not listed on the CD credits - only the lead vocals and chorus. It seems likely that the Sabor lineup from Angel Canales debut recording in 1976 is largely intact. Antonio Tapia is probably still on Conga.


Angel Canales, Antonio Tapia / Chorus
Angel Canales / Lead Vocals

Eddie Palmieri – Mambo Con Conga Is Mozambique

Released 1965 Tico

Remastered 2008
Fania / E-Musica

Produced by Terry Reig

Availble at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Mi Mambo Conga 2:46 (Eddie Palmieri)
2. Sujetate La Lengua 3:50 (Eloy Oliva)
3. Manha De Carnaval 2:43 (Luiz Bonfa, Antonio Maria)
4. Que Suene La Orquesta 5:45 (Eddie Palmieri & La Perfecta)
5. Ajiaco Caliente 5:38 (Eddie Palmieri)
6. Pobre Pedro 4:47 (Heny Alvarez)
7. Estamos Chao 3:47 (Javier Vazquez)
8. Camagueyanos Y Habaneros 2:31 (J. M. Guerra)

Revolutionary and controversial at the time, this is another classic Eddie Palmieri recording with La Perfecta. The biggest highlight is Ajiaco Caliente, which made list. Also very good are Sujetate La Lengua and Estamos Chao.


Eddie Palmieri / Piano
Barry Rogers / Trombone
Jose Rodrigues / Trombone
Mark Weinstein / Trombone
George Castro / Flute
Manny Oquendo / Timbales, Bongos
Tommy Lopez / Conga
Dave Perez / Bass
Ismael Quintana / Lead Vocals

Eddie Palmieri – Echando Pa’lante

Released 1964 Tico

Remastered 2008
Fania / E-Musica

Produced by Teddy Reig

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1. Si Echo Pa’lante 5:14 (Eddie Palmieri)
2. Cafe 6:32 (Eddie Palmieri, Robert Guetis, Lourdes Lopez)
3. Mi Corazon Te Llama 4:07 (Eddie Palmieri)
4. Suave 4:04 (Eddie Palmieri)
5. Tu Tu Ta Ta 3:36 (Eddie Palmieri)
6. Es Mejor Separarnos 3:37 (Eddie Palmieri, Ismael Quintana)
7. Mi Jeva 5:29 (Eddie Palmieri)
8. Sin Sabor Nada 5:29 (Eddie Palmieri)

Eddie Palmieri's first recording with Tico label and third overall. Two classics Cafe and Tu Tu Ta Ta are present here. Nowhere else is the description of the elephants (referring to the trombones) more approriate than in this recording of Cafe, which made list for Cha Cha. Tu Tu Ta Ta is another slam dunk choice and also in list as Salsa.

Musician list is largely my conjecture although I'm reasonably confident of their accuracy.


Eddie Palmieri / Piano
Barry Rogers / Trombone
Bobby Rodriguez / Bass
Manny Oquendo / Timbales, Bongos?
Ismael Quintana / Lead Vocals
George Castro / Flute, Percussion?
Tommy Lopez / Conga
Jose Rodrigues / Trombone
Mark Weinstein / Trombone

Eddie Palmieri – La Perfecta

Released 1962 Alegre

Remastered 2007
Fania / E-Musica

Produced by Al Santiago

Available at Amazon, Descarga, etc

1. Conmigo 2:44 (Eddie Palmieri)
2. Mi Isla Preciosa 2:51 (Eddie Palmieri)
3. Presente Y Pasado 2:53 (Jose Alberto Fajardo Ramos)
4. Mi Guajira 2:46 (Eddie Palmieri)
5. Mi Pollo 2:60 (Eddie Palmieri)
6. Oigo Un Tumbao 2:57 (Eddie Palmieri)
7. Tema La Perfecta 2:57 (Eddie Palmieri)
8. Ritmo Caliente 2:43 (Eddie Palmieri)
9. El Gavilan 2:52 (I. Lopez)
10. Te Quiero, Te Quiero 2:53 (Eddie Palmieri)
11. Cachita 2:52 (Rafael Hernandez, Bernardo Sancristobal)
12. Bailare Tu Son 2:33 (Miguel Matamoros)

Eddie Palmieri's debut record as leader. The large number of names on the musician list does not mean that this was a big band record. Presumably different set of trumpetists and percussionists were used for recording of various songs over multiple sessions. Two songs (Conmigo, Mi Pollo) made list.


Eddie Palmieri / Piano
Ismael Quintana / Lead Vocals
George Castro / Flute
Barry Rogers / Trombone
Joao Donato / Trombone
Willie Matos / Trumpet
Joe DeMare / Trumpet
Harold Wegbreit / Trumpet
Dave Tucker / Trumpet
Al Dirisi / Trumpet
Joe Rivera / Bass
Mike Collazo / Percussion
Chickie Perez / Percussion
Charlie Palmieri / Percussion
Manny Oquendo / Percussion
George Maysonet / Percussion
Chivirico Davila, Willie Torres, Victor Velazquez / Chorus