Sonora Poncena - 45 Aniversario Live

Released 2000
BMG Latin

Director - Enrique "Quique" Lucca
Musical Director, Producer, Arranger - Enrique "Papo" Lucca

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1. Introduccion 0:55
2. Fea 7:52 (Pedro Flores) Cantante - Hector "Pichie" Perez
3. Percusion 9:02 (Roberto Blades) Cantante - Danny Davila
4. Cancion 5:54 (Pablo Milanes) Cantante - Mannix Martinez
5. Sola Vaya 7:17 (Justi Barretto) Cantante - Mannix Martinez, Sammy, Pichie
6. Remembranzas 6:19 (Jose Torres, Papo Lucca) Cantante - Omar Ledee
7. Borinquen 6:48 (Johnny Ortiz) Cantante - Yolanda Rivera
8. Canto Al Amor 7:11 (Enrique Lazage) Cantante - Yolanda, Wito, Miguelito Ortiz
9. Pio Pio 5:42 (Luis Demetrio) Cantante - Luigi Texidor
10. Ahora Si 16:21 (Marcelino Guerra) Cantante - Andy Montanez

1. Homenaje A Tres Grandes Del Teclado 5:17 (Papo Lucca)
2. Boranda 13:32 (Eduardo Lobo) Cantante - Cano Estremera
3. Tu Y Yo 6:12 (D.R.) Cantante - Ismael Rivera Miranda
4. Hachero Pa' Un Palo 10:42 (Arsenio Rodriguez) Cantante - Wito Colon
5. Todo Tiene Su Final 6:47 (Willie Colon) Cantante - Rafi Santana
6. Timbalero 10:20 (Ramon Rodriguez) Cantante - Miguelito Ortiz
7. Despedida 45 Aniversario 1:08 (Francisco Alvarado)
8. Jubileo 45 5:13 (Ramon Rodriguez) Cantante - Pichie, Danny, Wito, Edwin Rosa
9. Fuego En El 23 8:49 (Arsenio Rodriguez) Cantante - Pichie Perez

This is a live recording with canned crowd noise added, which I found annoying. Sometimes the live aspect of the recording makes some songs painful to listen to. Such is most evident in over 13 minute long rendition of Boranda where the lead singer is trying to engage the audience to sing along - except there is no recording of the actual audience.

Many of the songs are big hits, and whopping 8 songs (Cancion, Remembranzas, Borinquen, Canto Al Amor, Ahora Si, Homenaje A Tres Grandes Del Teclado, Boranda, Fuego En El 23) are mentioned in the list - with caveat that not all of the songs in this album are playable. Obvious unplayable songs include aforementioned Boranda and Ahora Si (over 16 minutes long although I did find this one nice to listen to), and I would almost certainly pass on the versions of Homenaje A Tres Grandes Del Teclado and Fuego En El 23 and possibly others as well. In fact the original studio versions of the songs are preferred in my opinion where I have heard both the original and this live recording.


Enrique "Papo" Lucca / Piano, Synthesizer
Freddie del Valle / Trumpet
Delfin Perez / Trumpet
Jose Madera / Trumpet
Ricky Zayas / Trumpet
Felix Torres / Conga
Willito Lopez / Conga
Domingo "Tito" Gutierrez / Bongos
Jessie Colon / Timbales
Edgardo Morales / Timbales
Manolito / Timbales
Japhet Rodriguez / Timbales
Alexander "Cano" Rosa / Bass
Kriptonite Texeira, Darvel Garcia, Hector "Pichie" Perez, Daniel "Danny" Davila, Edwin Rosas, Fernando "Wito" Colon / Chorus


  1. Señores en la canción (Track)Nro 3 del CD2 han colocado "3. Tu Y Yo 6:12 (D.R.) Cantante - Ismael Rivera", sin embargo el cantante es Ismael Miranda.
    Miguel A.B. Lima - Perú

  2. Gracias. I'll go back to my liner notes when I'm reunited with my CD collection, but I'm sure you're right. Ismael Rivera was dead at the time of this recording.


  4. Not much more to say. How about when the songs covered here had been included in Sonora Poncena studio albums? I think three of the songs (Todo Tiene Su Final, Despedia 45, and Jubileo 45) were never used in studio albums.

    Fea (On Target – 1998)
    Percusion (On Target – 1998)
    Cancion (Back To Work – 1987)
    Sola Vaya (Back To Work –1987)
    Remembranzas (Unchained Force –1980)
    Borinquen (Unchained Force – 1980)
    Canto Al Amor (Explorando –1978)
    Pio Pio (Conquista Musical – 1976)
    Ahora Si (New Heights – 1980)

    Homenaje A Tres Grandes Del Teclado (Into The 90s – 1990)
    Boranda (Gigante Del Sur – 1977)
    Tu Y Yo (Sonora Poncena – 1972)
    Hachero Pa’ Un Palo (Hachero Pa’ Un Palo -1968)
    Todo Tiene Su Final
    Timbalero (New Height 1980)
    Despedia 45 Aniversario
    Jubileo 45
    Fuego En El 23 (Fuego En El 23 – 1969)