Charles Fox and His Charanga – Just For Fun

Original Release 1963

Re-issued 1997
Disco Hit

All songs composed by Charles Fox

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1. Just For Fun 3:14
2. Chiquita 3:08
3. Ballade 4:11
4. Contento Estoy 3:04
5. Matilda Y Maceo 2:14
6. No Me Dejes De Querer 3:27
7. Blue Pachanga 2:10
8. Viene Acabando 3:51
9. Tosca Pachanga 3:19
10. El Melao 2:58
11. Yo Estoy Confundido 2:46
12. Que Rica Pachanga 2:06

Charles Fox is best known as the composer of TV soundtracks including 1970s-1980s shows ranging from The Love Boat, Happy Days, and Laverne and Shirley. Charles Fox also has worked with likes of Tito Puente, Ray Barretto and Dizzy Gillespie. This Charanga/Pachanga album, however, is the only Latin album Charles Fox headlined with help from likes of Johnny Pacheco, Louie Ramirez and Bobby Rodriguez.

Dancers in the Salsa scene may recognize Blue Pachanga, likely in the form of extended remix made by DJ Duste and included in the 2 CD compilation Que Viva Salsa Dura under the title Blue Mambo. Viene Acabando may be familiar to some as well.


Charles Fox / Piano
Johnny Pacheco / Flute
Bobby Rodriguez / Bass
Jimmy Loro / Timbales
Frank Malabe / Cona
Louie Ramirez / Guiro, Xylophone
Daniel Gonzalez / Violin
Lionel Cantizano / Violin
Jose Andrea / Violin
Carlos Piatinia / Violin
Henry DiCecco / Violin
Eliot Romero, Manny Roman, Rudy Calzado / Vocals

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